Sunday, October 4, 2009

Things I miss

Living on my own is really different. I was really hoping to get into a dorm so it wouldn't be so weird starting off but as we all know that wasn't exactly what happened. I really miss those homecooked meals my mom would make. Everynight I get a frozen dinner and throw it in the microwave because I'm simply too busy to cook for myself after my classes. I miss having mom do my laundry. Everyday I go to the bathroom and look at the sorry excuse of a laundry room and notice my basket piling over only knowing I have to wash it all. I miss having a brother to pick on. When I come home I have a fish swimming away in his little room. I can't really pick on him and he can't really pick on me either. I miss taking his friends to wal-mart so we can play hide and seek. oh yeah and target practice in the bedroom. I miss having someone to take care of me when I'm sick. I was sick 4 days in a row and it sucked. Mommy wasn't here to baby me and my brother wasn't there to try to make me better. I miss having my brother and his friends trying to bug me by going in my room. Yes I miss that. When I would be in the living room or the computer room the boys would all jump in my room and lay in my bed for some unexplained reason. I had no privacy but it didn't really bother me that much. When my brother would sit in his room and play his xbox I would lay on his bed just to poke fun and make him "die" just to annoy him. I used to talk to lizzay, the lizard I renamed because I hated the name he picked out. Then there was the dustmiester or what my dad refers to as dumbass. He's the family dog and truly is a dumbass that LOVES kleenex. One time my mom lit a bunch of candles in the house and there was one on the end table in front of the tissue box and my brother went to get one out for the dog because dumbass was wanting one. Well it brushed over the candle and caught on fire and he dropped the fireball of a kleenex and the dumbass ate it while it had flames still. I miss the cats. They got annoying around feeding time but I miss having something to cuddle up to. Isabelle would sleep with me everynight and faithfully followed me throughout the house. It was great to have her sleeping with me during naps. Kittie-kitn only laid with me when I was in a mood or had a migraine. Then dad and his sarcasim. I miss that a lot. We would always goof off while going to the store and embarass mom to death and it was great. I miss going out to eat and goofing off at the restaurant. Bubba would always fling things using his hand as a catapult often going into the booth behind us. We would always get into trouble but it was great.

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  1. I remember shamefully embarrassing Nana often. That was our favorite thing to do in the store with her. College life can be hard to get used to,but you'll get into it.